AVIT Research was formed in 1997 as a company to supply consultancy and control systems for video equipment using the Control-L  protocol.  The initial system consisted of a small 'black box' containing the control electronics that connected to the video equipment's control-L port and the PC serial port.  This was refined with the circuitry minimised to be contained within the casing of the D-Type Shell.

In 2001 AVIT Research was made into a Limited Company, with it's core business being the software development of Automotive Audio Systems for the OEM market.  AVIT Research has generated an impressive client base and has developed audio systems for the majority of European and US automobile manufactures.

The need for embedded software development tools for monitoring of communication busses lead to the development of the I²C Bus Monitor.  This was commercialised as a product, and the success of this lead to the development of the I²C Tool and more recently the I²C Standard and I²C Professional Bus Tools. 

The RS232 to TTL and USB to TTL cables were also developed to aid in the company's software developers.  These cables allow embedded systems to be connected to PC's to allow messages to be sent in either direction to allow user monitoring and interaction with the system under development.  Again the commercial potential of these cables was exploited.

AVIT Research is a dynamic and alert company that seizes opportunity.  AVIT Research believes that high quality software is a result of using high quality engineers aided by sensible quality guidelines and audit trail.

If you require AVIT Research's services please feel free to contact us.
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